Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Red Winter and Cheap Wine

1. Bry's stripped dress, American Apparel 2. Erika's red pants, American Apparel 3. Hat, necklace, and bustier, Vintage
4. Wine, C'est La Vie

Lately things have been getting pretty cold.  Freezing actually. It's much better to stay inside and keep warm,
but fires are hard to find around here so we do what we can with wine and cigarettes. 
Next week marks the start of the Christmas season (not according to the radio, which has been playing
Christmas music since October), but December 1st is the perfect time to start calling parties Christmas.  

Perhaps a Christmas Wining Party is in order.

Perusing through the LCBO online catalogue, I found these gems.  I was aiming for really cheap wine.
Not "great wine under $20", because I still consider spending $20 on a bottle something of a treat.  I usually look for
casual wine under $12, but at $6 its like two for one! Plus, my friends aren't picky,
and there's nothing that a little mulling cant fix.   I still steered clear of wines like
  Passion of Portugal Red just to stay on the safe side (I've tried Girls Night Out Chardonnay,
and I really wish I hadn't).  It turns out that there are a quite a few bottles with a respectable font choice, that isn't Fuzon.

La Puerta Shiraz, Argentina-$6.10
Mezzomondo Negroamaro Salento, Italy- $7.95
Casal Thaulero Merlot/Cab- $7.25
Les Hautes de Janeil Syrah Granache, France- $8.95


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