Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Minute Gifts for the Dreamer

I admit that I am partial to gifts of experience over objects, unless those objects are incredibly old and beautiful.  Then I can't really complain.  I find the whole economy of Christmas a little bit disheartening, especially when you walk by big box stores or a busy mall- people running in to heat up their credit cards just to bring home more stuff that will end up in the garbage by the next year.  But I still love gifts... The act of giving and receiving makes Christmas that much brighter.  I just prefer to exchange gifts that can be experienced or consumed, like homemade jam and a pair of old silver serving spoons. This year, we aimed for less "stuff", finding an array of gifts, old and new, that we combined to make quirky little gift baskets and packages- wrapped and topped with enough glitter and stars to make anyone gush with delight.

For  friends, neighbors, and colleagues:
A good book and a bottle of something red.   I would call this gift 
"Here's to a good night this holiday season"  
(For some friends I might throw in a pack of lucky strikes). 
We made a list of some cheap wines to try here

For anyone that loves food:
Old cookbooks offer endless wonder and delight
It deserves to be wrapped up with a fork and knife or a big wooden spoon

To add to any food basket:
A vintage ice cube tray. You can buy new metal ones here
but it takes a few years to look this good

For the special people in your life:
Vintage slips, velvet robes, and silk kimonos. This one is a 
1930s dress by Vionnet, but it would make a beautiful night gown... 
if it wasn't in the Met

For Moms, Aunties, and Best Friends:

As for me:
All I want for Christmas is this studio

Thanks Santa,

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