Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter is Coming

The ornaments I made are on a little tree in the living room.  I need some twinkle lights and maybe some homemade garlands with pine cones and cloves.  This weekend I'm going to bake cookies and save some for spice ornaments... as if I don't have a million things I should be doing.  But this is Christmas, and it's made for indulging.

And it's snowing! I booked my ticket to LA this winter- a whole 10 days in the sun! My dad asked if I was going go anywhere else while I was there, which was more of a demand than a question.  I think he's scared of being in the same house with me for more than a week.  I might start rearranging his kitchen.  So I think I'm going to go to San Francisco for a long weekend!

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